Cannabis Edibles: Guide to Eating Weed & Getting High

(Read this BEFORE eating edibles)

This is not medical advice! This is simply practical information that is readily available on the Internet. Always consult with a doctor before consuming ANYTHING. We are not responsible for your actions or consumption of anything.

It’s important to know how much of a cannabis edible you should eat so you can ENJOY the experience. Nobody wants to feel too incapacitated or uncomfortably high.  If you do eat too much of an edible, DONT WORRY! After thousands of years of usage, nobody on record has ever overdosed on marijuana and you will not be the first one. But there certainly have been many, many people who have consumed more than they intended (over consumptions is a thing!). Hopefully this handy guide will help you through eating cannabis edibles so you will not be one of those people.

First, you should always make a self assessment, then set your intentions. For instance, if you have never, or rarely consume cannabis, your self assessment should be that you have no tolerance to cannabis (THC). Next decide if you want a mild, medium or strong experince. Then use the guide below to help you determine how many milligrams you should consume.

What the average person can expect by dosage and tolerance:

No Tolerance
(New or occasional Cannabis consumer)

Mild: 2-4 mg

Medium: 3-8mg

Strong: 5-15mg

(Do not experiment with more than 15mg unless you are a seasoned cannabis consumer)

Some Tolerance
(1-3x wk consumer)

Mild: 3-7 mg

Medium: 7-12mg

Strong: 10-20mg

(Do not experiment with more than 20mg unless you are a daily cannabis consumer)

High Tolerance
(Daily  consumer)

Mild: 5-10 mg

Medium:  6-15mg

Strong: 15-30mg

(Do not experiment with 30mg or more unless you are a serious cannabis consumer)

Dosage Guide for Edibles:

Tolerance THC mg
Users with no tolerance 1.5 – 5 mg
Users who smoke multiple times per week 2 – 12 mg
Users who regularly eat edibles AND have edibles tolerance 10 – 30 mg
High edibles tolerance 25 – 60 mg

Pay Close Attention to Dosage and Consumption!

Gummy Diagram by Dosage

One gummy may not seem like a lot, but in this illustration, we can see that even 1/8th of a gummy ring can be medium-strong dose for a new cannabis consumer and 1/4 of this gummy ring might be an uncomfortable experience for some people!

Cut your edibles with a knife!

If you just rip apart your edibles by hand like a savage gorilla, there’s no way to get a proper dose!  Be sure to use a sharp knife (be careful!) to slice n dice your edibles to a precise and accurate measurement.

Be Patient: It can take TWO hours to feel the effects of a cannabis edible!

For this reason, it’s important to not double your dosage or consume more cannabis without timing how long ago you consumed. For example: If you eat 15mg and don’t feel anything within the first hour, you should still wait another hour before it’s safe to consume more.

What Else Are You On?

If you are taking prescription drugs, particularly barbiturates or opioids, it’s possible that cannabis edibles wont have any effect on you. This is only occurs in some people. In others, the combination of prescription drugs and cannabis might lead to an over-intoxicating feeling. Either way, you should not mix the two. Take one or the other, but not both.

Alcohol & Edibles

Alcohol & cannabis is a BAD combination. Even a single glass of wine can have dramatically magnifying effects of cannabis for some people. For others, the combination of a small amount of alcohol might be a desirable feeling. However, in our experience we have found that alcohol in any amount leads to an uncomfortable feeling, nausea and even vomiting when combined with cannabis. Again, consume one or the other, not both.