Looking for Cannabis Delivery in San Clemente, Capo Beach & Talega?

If you’re looking for weed delivery in San Clemente, PharmOC has got you covered. We service all of San Clemente from Cottons Point to Capo Beach and even Talega. San Clemente holds a special place in our hearts as we have deep roots in this magical city. If you’re looking for top shelf flower, extracts, wax, shatter, crumble, edibles (gummies, chocolate, candies, etc.) – look no further  San Clemente, we’ve got you covered.

We’d be honored to serve your weed delivery needs in San Clemente and surrounding areas. If you’re wondering if we deliver to your neighborhood, just give us a call and we’ll get you squared up.

San Clemente Pier
Cannabis Delivery near the San Clemente Pier

San Clemente Cannabis Delivery Hours:

We deliver 7 days a week to anywhere in San Clemente, 9am to 10pm, from south side to Los Mares (including Capo Beach & Talega). Our quote time is typically within 1 hour but many times we can deliver to most places in San Clemente within 15-20 minutes. 

Cannabis Delivery to Capo Beach

Pines Park in Capo Beach
Pines Park in Capo Beach offers breath taking, ocean vista views of the Pacific Ocean

Capistrano Beach is a place we know and love – yet many places seem to leave it off their list. This is a bit of an injustice because Capo beach is just an awesome little place that everyone should checkout – even if it’s just a short passing through. A lot of people ask: is Capo Beach Dana Point, San Clemente or San Juan Capistrano?  Well the truth is that technically, it’s more Dana Point if you look at the city records on the books. But if you ask around town, most people in San Clemente would agree that Capistrano Beach is part of San Clemente!  Whatever your opinion is, there is one thing we can all agree on – the cool beach vibes and small town feel of Capo beach is unique and just downright amazing.  If you’re trying to figure out what to do in Capo Beach, you have to realize that it’s a small lay of the land so there really isn’t much to do there, except for a few things.  If you haven’t been to Pines Park in Capo beach, it’s a must see place on anyone’s list!  It’s one of the few places for miles around Orange County where you can see pine trees AND the ocean.  This is definitely a place where you might want to enjoy a nice little walk, sit on a park bench and just stare off into the ocean vista views from the cliffs above after enjoying a bit of high quality cannabis.

Cannabis Delivery to Talega

Besides Capo Beach, there is another little subsection of San Clemente known as Talega.  Talega is a somewhat newer community that got started in 1999 and was built with mostly tract homes – quite gorgeous and desirable tract homes we might add. In 2007, Talega technically became it’s own city – but everything is still ran and managed by the City of San Clemente. As far as the general opinion’s consensus goes, it seems like half the population believes that Talega is part of San Clemente, and the other half thinks it’s a separate town. The people who live in San Clemente proper (the beach side of town) in particular, seem to believe and express that Talega is “not part of San Clemente” – but this is simply not true.  Regardless of your opinion – one thing we’re all sure to agree on (hopefully) is that while Talega is certainly not in the heart of San Clemente – it is part of it in some way and brings a unique element to San Clemente’s beach vibes.

Cannabis Lovers enjoy San Clemente Pier
Lovers enjoy cannabis in San Clemente

Lab Testing for Your Medical Marijuana Products in San Clemente

We take the purity of our products very seriously and we’re concerned about the medical marijuana our members consume. All cannabis plant material is tested in partnership with a licensed lab so you know your San Clemente medical marijuana is safe to consume.


Cannabis Delivered to San Clemente, Talega & Capo Beach Zipcodes:

92672, 92673, 92674, 92624

San Clemente Cannabis Selection

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